Filip Jers – The benefits and joy of playing both the diatonic and chromatic harmonica

Playing both instruments can be very beneficial to the overall approach to music as a harmonica player but it can also cause confusion because they are different instruments – at the same time – they are the same instrument. In this seminar, I will share some tips on how you can learn from both instruments and transfer techniques between them.


Filip Jers – The jazz fundamentals: phrasing and breathing

In this seminar we will work with basic techniques used when playing jazz on the harmonica. We will go through and talk about tone, articulation and work with the breathing. We will immerse ourselves in the artistic expression of jazz and make those eighth notes swing!


Sirius Harmonica Ensemble – Love for the harmonica ensemble music

In this masterclass, we are going to share some techniques and principles for playing harmonica ensemble music, and also how to refine the sound with the PA equipment on the stage. In addition, we will also talk about the recent development scene of harmonica ensemble music in Asia.


Victor Puertas – Approaching the pre-war harmonica legends

In this master class, we will get into the traditional blues playing, different techniques, and their rich concept for rhythm and sound.

Die Masterclass „Refresh your blues improvisation“ fällt leider aus. Das Ticket behält für die Masterclass mit Victor Puertas von den Suitcase Brother seine Gültigkeit.


Marko Jovanović – Master your intonation

Marko Jovanovic will share his practice tips and tricks on how to master intonation on the diatonic harmonica. His masterclass includes specific exercises and examples that everyone can benefit from and get inspired by.