Yuko Yanagawa– Various techniques in playing tremolo harmonica

Tremolo harmonica is not merely a single melody instrument. We can play a melody with arpeggio accompaniment or make a wide variety of sound and tone, which is like violin or mandolin. Yuko Yanagawa will show you the various ways to play tremolo harmonicas in her master class, which never let you down!


Ariel Bart – Inspiration from other instruments

With almost zero repertoire for the chromatic harmonica in jazz/world music, I had to get inspiration from other instruments, transcribe other instruments, and compose my own repertoire, which forced me to push the harmonica’s boundaries and explore its abilities. We will discuss these boundaries, including techniques and the role of the harmonica in a band.


Roni Eytan – Developing your personal language on the harmonica

I will show my process on developing my personal style. We will review the different methods of practicing that I have keep doing and teaching my students.


Joan Pau Cumellas – Jazz manouche on the diatonic harmonica

A session to introduce the harmonica in the field of the jazz manouche. With simple examples. Where the melodies motivate us to take the instrument a little further and open the door for us to talk about arpeggios and scales in order to improvise in new ways.


Konstantin Reinfeld – Blues meets modal playing

In the masterclass „Blues meets modal playing“ we will establish the connection between well-known playing techniques from the blues and a modal playing style. This synthesis opens up the possibility to play blues related music genres in 6 different keys or positions authentically.